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Welcome to the Corporate Energy Efficiency Wiki! We are excited that you have chosen to visit our site, and hope you will find the tools and resources provided on this site useful as you identify and implement energy efficiency initiatives in your corporate environment.

This site was created by Environmental Defense Fund (EDF) as a way to share information used by EDF's Climate Corps Program, a program that places trained MBA fellows into companies to capture unrealized financial and environmental gains through the identification and implementation of cost-effective energy efficiency improvements.

Where to Start?

This site is meant to be a reference manual for identifying, analyzing and prioritizing energy efficiency investments in commercial office buildings and data centers. If you are just starting out and want the basics of Energy Efficiency, start with the Climate Corps Handbook.

Our goal is that you enjoy using the site and stop by often. In addition, when you feel comfortable, we hope that you will become a member and participate on the site. Sharing your expertise, stories or learnings about corporate energy efficiency will help the those within organizations to help save energy, money and reduce emissions that contribute to global warming.

Thanks for visiting!

— The Corporate Energy Efficiency Wiki Team

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