While we have tried to provide as much basic information here in this wiki as possible, there are many more resources out there to help with commercial building energy efficiency. The resources listed below provide some useful information of their own and serve as a continuation after you are done with this site.

Data Centers

  • The Green Grid - a global consortium of IT companies and professionals seeking to improve energy efficiency in data centers and business computing ecosystems around the globe.
  • Uptime Institute - The Uptime Institute provides education, publications, consulting, certifications, conferences and seminars, independent research, and thought leadership for the enterprise data center industry and for data center professionals.
  • Data Center Pulse - Data Center Pulse (DCP) is a growing, non-profit, datacenter industry community founded on the principles of sharing best practices amongst its members.
  • DC Pro - a free tool by the the Department of Energy is, "an easy to use and in-depth tool to assess a data center energy efficiency and consumption." Also, based on the information you provide, DC Pro gives recommendations and ideas of projects that can be implemented to reduce energy consumption and increase energy efficiency.

Calculation and Benchmarking Tools

Case Studies and Research


Energy Efficiency Incentives and Rebates

Monitoring Systems


  • DOE OpenEI - Department of Energy's new open-source web platform that will make DOE resources and open energy data widely available to the public.
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