Chapter 7 Info Guide

An IT manager should be able to answer computer-related questions. Other office equipment such as copiers and faxes may be the responsibility of the facilities manager.

• How many PCs, laptops, copiers, printers and vending machines are in use at the host company? What percentage of each is Energy Star®?

• What equipment is owned? Leased?

• If PCs are non-Energy Star®, what is the timing of the next upgrade cycle? Who is in charge of the computer selection and purchasing process?

• What percentage of computers and monitors are turned off at night?

• What power settings, if any, are used on most computers and monitors?

• Who is in charge of configuring and maintaining office computers? Has the company explored installing auxiliary computer power management software (e.g., EPA’s EZ Save, 1E Nightwatch, Verdiem SURVEYOR, DesktopStandard’s PolicyMaker)?

• Are the power save settings turned on for printers and copiers?

• Are printers and copiers sent to print by duplex by default?

• Who is in charge of office equipment policy changes?

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