Chapter 14 Info Guide

• What are the host company’s general corporate goals?

• How is the host company run? Is the company an autocracy, bureaucracy or technocracy?

• What behaviors does the host company value?

• Obtain a copy of the organizational chart—understand who is responsible for what.

• For each type of investment:
• Who needs to approve it?
• Who can say no?
• Who benefits?
• Who is responsible for implementation?
• What motivates this person?

• How does each one of these people like to receive information? (email, formal meeting, etc.)

• What is the process for getting new investments approved?

• Talk to other people in the office who were successful in getting things approved. “How did you do X?”

• Are there upcoming meetings where energy efficiency issues can be brought up and discussed?

• Are employees satisfied with current lighting and office temperature maintenance?

• What energy efficiency investments have industry peers made?

• Has anyone at the host company championed energy efficiency initiatives recently? Of those who have demonstrated interest in energy efficiency, who is in a leadership position in the host company?

• How might energy efficiency investments help meet other corporate goals?

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