Chapter 12 Tactics

1. Measures to increase fuel efficiency
• Keep company vehicles in good shape. In order for vehicles to perform at their best and maintain maximum resale values, they must be well maintained. Allowing a vehicle to fall out of shape can have significant impacts on fuel consumption and operating costs. See Table 12.1.

• Distribute list of efficient driving tips to drivers of company vehicles.
Tips include: minimizing idling, working to minimize trip distances, removing car accessories that interfere with aerodynamics (e.g. roofracks), removing unnecessary cargo, etc. (see Appendix E).


2. Fleet efficiency upgrades
• Recommend that the host company institute a policy encouraging the purchase of the most efficient vehicles available for desired applications. The host company should prioritize replacing the most inefficient vehicles in a fleet.

• If the host company leases vehicles from a fleet management company, investigate green options. Every major U.S. fleet management company now offers a program aimed at reducing greenhouse gas emissions from corporate fleets. PHH Arval developed its GreenFleet program through a partnership with Environmental Defense Fund. For more information see:


Additional information

For more information on vehicle efficiency see:
• Yahoo Green Auto Guide (developed in collaboration with Environmental Defense Fund). This guide rates automobiles based on environmental impacts, including fuel economy and tailpipe emissions. Use the Yahoo “Gas Mileage Impact” calculator to compare fuel consumption and GHG emissions of vehicles being considered. Accessible at
Additional vehicle efficiency guides:
• Green Vehicle Guide, EPA . Accessible at
• Greener Cars, A CEEE . Accessible at

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