Chapter 10 Info Guide

Information should be gathered from the host company’s facilities manager, and consideration should be given as to whether a building can benefit from an EMS installation or upgrade.

Questions for the host company’s facilities manager:

• Does the host company currently use an energy management system? If so, when was it installed?

• Does the host company currently use an energy information system?

• What is the building/floor’s current peak demand?

• Does the host company currently participate in a utility peak load curtailment program? If so, what has the company’s experience been? If not, has the company considered participating in such a program?

• Does the facilities engineer feel that building efficiency would benefit from increased automation of systems controls? What portion of efficiency controls is currently being controlled manually?

Questions for an EMS installation engineer:

• Is the host company’s building a good candidate for a new EMS installation or EMS upgrade?

• What is the range of options available in terms of system sophistication? What are the estimated savings potentials and installation costs associated with each of these options?

• What sensor and control points does the host company’s building currently employ?

Can an EMS be configured to interface with existing sensors and system controls?

• What additional sensor and control points would improve EMS performance?

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